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Collecting new customer data during the recall is key to growing your business.

When you hear “database management”, you may picture huge rooms filled with complex technology at IBM and Google. In reality, maintaining an up-to-date customer database is essential to retaining customers and building strong relationships.

Remember the Rolodexes of old, faithfully keeping customer information in a, more or less, organized fashion? Obviously customer relationship management has come a long way since those trusty paper slips, but a mismanaged digital record can be just as frustrating as a poorly alphabetized Rolodex, or worse, a lost file.

The first step in creating a quality customer database is to gather quality data. For many Saab owners seeking assistance with the Takata airbag recall, this will be their first time at an official Saab service center. First-time customers can easily become lifelong customers if you are able to save their contact information and keep it up to date. Recording their vehicle’s model and year can also help you personalize any communications you send out to them. The next time you want to provide a special offer or a preventative maintenance program to your customers, it will be easy to do so. Good database management enables the kind of personalized service that many customers are looking for.

Another key component is reliable software. Using the right tool for the job is just as relevant to database management as it is to automotive service. Your Dealer Management System may already have customer database functionality. If you are looking for any ideas for managing your data, please reach out to us.

Once you have complete and correct customer information in your database you can identify their preferences to determine the best use of your marketing budget. Older customers may prefer to receive promotional information by mail, while younger customers may opt to receive emails. Collect good data – with it you can turn first-time customers into lifelong customers and continue to provide excellent service.