Customers may not be able to pair their Bluetooth® enabled devices in their 2009-2011 SAAB 9-3 equipped with OnStar because the pairing process in the Infotainment Owner’s Manual is incorrect.


1. To pair your Bluetooth® enabled device, press and hold the Push to Talk button on the steering wheel for two seconds.
2. Your system will respond with a tone.
3. Clearly say “OnStar.”
4. Your system will respond with a “Ready” message followed by a tone.
5. Clearly say “Bluetooth.”
6. Your system will respond with a “Bluetooth ready” message followed by a tone.
7. Clearly say “Pair.”
8. Your system will respond with instructions and a 4-digit PIN; you will need to enter this PIN on your phone.

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Jeff Gorenflo – Technical Assistance Manager

Jeff Gorenflo is a longtime automotive enthusiast, collector and college football fan. His Saab story began in Knoxville, Tennessee with TRA Imports as an Associate Technician in 1986. He bought a slate-blue metallic 1982 900 Turbo, and that’s where the love affair with Saab began. Since that time, he has raced 900 Turbos in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), owned a shop and continued to grow his personal collection of Saabs. He has been the Saab Technical Assistance Center Manager since 2004 when General Motors moved Saab to Detroit.