New CIM Kit Instructions

New CIM kits are shipping and included in each box are very important instructions.  When you swap the circuit board, the Turn Signal must be retracted (see image).  The tab will only protrude if the Turn Signal lever is engaged to the left or right.  The tab is retracted when it is in the center position.

Jeff Gorenflo – Manager, Technical Assistance

Jeff Gorenflo is a longtime automotive enthusiast, collector and college football fan. His Saab story began in Knoxville, Tennessee with TRA Imports as an Associate Technician in 1986. He bought a slate-blue metallic 1982 900 Turbo, and that’s where the love affair with Saab began. Since that time, he has raced 900 Turbos in Sports Car Club of America (SCCA), owned a shop and continued to grow his personal collection of Saabs. He has been the Saab Technical Assistance Center Manager since 2004 when General Motors moved Saab to Detroit.