At Orio, we are dedicated to ensuring the best life for Saabs. This means we are always  advocating for the continued manufacturing of Original parts. This month, we present you with a collection of Viggen, 9-3, and 9-5 parts that we have successfully worked to reintroduce. Reborn again, these Original parts promise a healthy life for Saab cars.


#32019896: Front Jack Access Cover LH – Viggen

#32019897: Front Jack Access Cover RH – Viggen 

9-3 and 9-5

#32101253: Sunroof Wind Deflector Arms – 9-3 (’03-’11)

#93189060: Brake Fluid Reservoir Cap – 9-3 (’03-’11)

#60000003: Turbine Wheel 18 x 7.5 – 9-3 (’03-’11)

#32101179: LH Exterior Mirror Glass – New 9-3, Early 9-5

#32101180: RH Exterior Mirror Glass – New 9-3, Early 9-5

#32101251: Sunroof Wind Deflector Attaching Clips – New 9-3

#12833658: Convertible Antenna Base Cover – New 9-3 Conv (Coming Soon)

#32021764: AC Hose – New 9-3 (Coming Soon)

#12759551: 5 Spoke Wheel 7.5 x 17 – New 9-3

#12762120: Shark Fin Antenna – New 9-3, Early 9-5

#32020124: Ignition Switch – Early 9-3, Early 9-5 (Under Development)


John Christensen, Parts Help Line Manager

John Christensen grew up in Connecticut, the former location of Saab’s headquarters. John is a graduate of Tulane University in New Orleans. His love affair with Saabs began with the purchase of a 1984 red 900 8-valve hatchback. A year later, John went to work as a Customer Service Representative for Saab’s Eastern Region Office. John transferred to the Parts Department in 1986, eventually becoming the Parts Help Line Manager servicing all U.S. and Canadian dealers. John also has dual citizenship with the U.S. and Canada. John has been with Orio North America since its inception in 2012 and is now in his 34th year affiliated with Saab. John resides in rural Pennsylvania, and in his spare time he is an avid photographer, loves to travel and rides a motorcycle.