Orio is now offering exclusive Saab swag on SaabGear.com. While we do offer a variety of apparel, our Saab swag goes beyond the usual hats and t-shirts.


At SaabGear.com, you can get Saab branded items such as a trunk organizer or first aid kit for your car, drinkware to keep you hydrated or caffeinated on the go, and other fun items (check out this Saab gym bag!).

To order swag today, you simply have to register with your user name: SAPNAYourOrioNumber (i.e. SAPNA1234). Check out how to register for an account and how to complete your order.

registration button

As a loyal Orio customer, we want you to have first choice on the new gear. With your Orio login, you’ll have access to bulk ordering and wholesale pricing. Whether you’re hoping to stock your showroom, run a giveaway, or give your customers an appreciation gift/gift with purchase, this official Saab gear is sure to be a big hit with Saab owners and enthusiasts.


If you have any questions, let us know!