We are incredibly proud of our Saab Official Service Center network. So we have decided to create an in-depth profile of our OSCs and their relationship to Saab. This week we are featuring Scanwest Autosport of Seattle, WA.

A Saab Legacy

Scanwest's Saab Rally Car

Scanwest’s 1994 900SE

In 1985 owner Rob Walden opened Saab Masters after purchasing an old gas station.  The business started out working on Saabs and racing rally cars in the Sports Car Club of America local circuits. By the early to mid 1990’s, their success racing Saabs led Saab to give them a new 1994 900SE to race as a rally car. Scanwest was able to modify that vehicle and turn it into winner, snagging an SCCA Group 2  and 4th place overall in 1995, an  SCCA Pro Rally Group 5 Championship in 1997,  and two Woodner Cups for fastest 2-wheel-drive competitor. Eventually, the business grew from Saab Masters into Scanwest Autosport. Aside from their racing success, Scanwest had been servicing Saab’s exclusively until 2005. All of their employees drive Saabs and are as enthusiastic about the brand as we are.

Providing the Best Car Care Possible

A Service Technician at Scanwest

Owner, Rob Walden, working on a Saab

 Scanwest has demonstrated a continuous commitment to excellent customer service. They attribute their success to this commitment, crediting good service for their dedicated customer base. Judging from their customer testimonials, Yelp reviews, and Facebook reviews, it’s safe to say that they’ve developed quite a following. They are known for their ability to service every aspect of a Saab, from simple repairs to entire overhauls. We salute Scanwest Autosport for their passion for Saab and ability to put themselves in the shoes of their customers.