Learn how to get your website at the top of search engine results and ahead of your competitors. Search Engine Optimization can help your business become more visible to customers and potential customers.

 How it Works

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The efficacy of search engines is largely determined by the relevance of the results they return. When you Google “Saab,” you want to see Saabs, Saab Parts, Orio, and Saab blogs. You would be confused if you got results about Volvo or Volkswagen. Thus, in order for a search engine to succeed, it must be able to determine which sites are related to search terms. Search engines do this via keywords. Keywords are terms relevant to a page’s content. Programs, known as “spiders” or “crawlers,” analyze web pages to index them by their keywords. If there are enough keywords on a page, the program will index the site with those keywords. Another way in which programs analyze webpages is by finding websites that link to that page. The more often that other sites link to your site, the more legitimacy your website has in the eyes of a search engine. There are other search engine ranking factors that can help your site rise to the top. Master some of the basics and your site will appear organically in search engine results.

Why It’s Important

If your business’ website cannot be deciphered by search engines, then your business may not be visible to potential customers. While search engines do their best, they aren’t perfect. Thus, it is imperative for your website to be decipherable for them. Structuring your website appropriately ensures that is appears higher up on organic search results. Organic results are ones generated by the search engine based on relevance. Paid search results are a form of advertisement. Users tend to trust organic results much more than paid results. Users searching for auto repairs are also more likely to use a search engine than attempt to directly enter a website URL.

What You Can Do

While it is important to design your site in such a way that search engines can interpret it, the best way to do so is to design your website for users. One way in which to do that is to have a simple, easy to follow site layout. Another is to have clearly labeled pages with relevant keywords in their titles. Not only will this make your site more user-friendly, but it will also help search engines find and analyze it. Another important aspect of search engine optimization is frequent updates. New content is an indicator to search engines that your site is up-to-date and still in use. This content can include photos of your shop or your staff, videos of common repairs or tours of your shop, promotional banners for different parts or services, or even blog posts. Find out what works best for you and your business.

A Table of Crucial Steps to SEO

While it is great to have a functioning website, if it is invisible to search engines then customers cannot find you.