Independent Repair Shops Win Big with Orio’s New High Quality Volvo Parts

Orio’s Swedish expansion is a sweet deal for Independent Repair Shops already participating in our High Gear Rewards Program.

As a supplier of high-quality Volvo parts from original equipment suppliers, Orio has a full range of all the most in-demand parts Independent Repair Shops need to make their Volvo repairs.

Part categories include everything from filters, brakes and thermostats to suspension components and more–all priced competitively. Ordering is simple–there’s no additional set-up required, meaning there’s one less place you have to go to get the parts to complete your repairs.

But the very best part is that all purchases of Volvo parts will also be credited to your existing High Gear Rewards account! This is great opportunity to move from “Specialist” level to “Pro” where each month when you spend $2,000+ of qualifying Saab and Volvo parts, you’ll get:

  • An additional 10% discount* on all qualifying Saab Original Parts
  • Saab Gear Store Credit* equal to 5% of qualifying Saab Original Parts and Volvo parts
  • Access to Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

For all the High Gear Rewards Program details and access to the full program rules, read the Interactive Program Document here.